TruTool S 250 (2A1) USA

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Anything but average
The TruTool S 250 is a robust machine, perfectly suited for processing mild steel with sheet thicknesses up to 0.1 inches. The powerful 550 W motor in this handy model is the perfect companion for day-to-day use and is ideal for continuous use. The user-friendly machine enables quick and precise cutting, with an unrestricted view of the work surface and cutting line.


Surprisingly lightweight
Unbeatable weight-performance ratio of 4.8 lbs against a sheet thickness of 0.1 in.

Easy handling
You can guide the machine with ease due to the small dimensions of 11 x 6 in.

Cuts well in curves
You can cut minimum radii of 0.8 in and therefore achieve excellent performance on curves.

Long service life
Low operating costs as a result of the 4-way cutter rotation.



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Weight 4.403 kg

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