SFT Applications Support

SFT’s Applications team is focused on supporting you during machine selection, installation/commissioning throughout the life of the machine. Our team offers a wide range of services that are designed to help you improve efficiency and productivity, while reducing the common headaches of implementing new technologies or dealing with the labor shortages.

Time Studies and Part Feasibility Analysis

SFT Application Engineers conduct thorough time studies and part feasibility analysis. This involves evaluating your parts to determine if they can be manufactured, the most efficient way to produce the part, and suggest design changes when needed. By analyzing the process in detail, the team can identify the best suited machine, machine options, tooling set ups, and other ways to optimize the process and reduce costs.

Tooling & Consumable Recommendations

Tooling and consumables play a vital role in reaching the desired part accuracy and machine efficiency of cutting, punching, and bending machines.  For example, unique new laser nozzles can save up to 80% in gas usage while increasing cutting speeds. Segmented and custom press brake tooling can reduce the number of tooling setups and setup time by 70%. Our team can recommend the best methods for your application using our extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and techniques.

Programmer/Operator Support

We support your programmers & operators on-site by loading tooling and machine parameters into the software, train using your parts, and deep diving into the best practices to ensure that your machine hits the ground running and minimizes any headaches or extended learning curves.

Machine Performance Optimization

Our apps team has daily exposure to customer use-cases nationwide and continuous factory training to bring you the latest processing techniques. They will arrive on-site to improve cut quality, increase cutting speeds, reduce unexpected downtime, share cost saving techniques, and potentially improve the processing range of your machine.