SFT Machine Service

Sterling Fab Tech’s team of factory trained service technicians are dedicated to getting your machine installed correctly, preventing unexpected downtime through proper maintenance, assisting with machine relocations, and promptly completing machine repairs.

Pre-Installation Support

Before the installation of any machine tool, it is crucial to ensure that the site is prepared according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This includes checking the machine placement, foundation, electrical connections, and gas supplies. If any of these conditions are not met, it can cause serious issues during the installation and premature machine failures. Our team will walk you through each of these steps to ensure a successful startup.

Machine Installation, Removal, and Re-Installation

SFT’s service technicians can provide new or used machine installations, removal of existing machines, and re-installations. Our team is able to lead machines through both removal and reinstallation allowing you the confidence of a having a single source for the relocation and start-up of your machine.

Preventative Maintenance Visits

Preventative maintenance visits can improve machine performance while minimizing unforeseen reliability issues. We can also train your employees on maintenance best practices.

Machine Repairs

Our team of factory trained service technicians are locally-based and work with our manufacturers to get your machine repaired as fast as possible. They are experts in cutting, punching, and bending machines.