Our History

Sterling Fab Tech is a fabrication machinery supplier. Established nearly two decades ago, Sterling Fab Tech has distinguished itself by representing the most cutting-edge manufacturing technologies in the fabrication industry. Today, our corporate headquarters is centrally located in Dallas, Texas and we serve the Southwest Region, from Southern California to Louisiana.

Our Approach

We understand that customers are bombarded by salesmen. Frankly, we don’t want to be that guy. We pride ourselves in being the subject matter experts by maintaining the highest level of technical competency in fabrication processes and machine technologies. Combining this know-how with an engineering approach to sales, we want to understand your needs and educate your team so you can make the best possible decision without any sales puffery.

Our Solutions

Our focus has been on partnering with the leading machine tool manufacturers of enabling technologies. Companies choose our products when they value technology that control the variables of processes over cost, understand that improving processes and profitability is easier with equipment rather than labor, and want to have confidence that they are investing in sustainable companies.

Our Support

We have seen an increasing demand for both equipment and assistance, every step of the way. We have focused on how we can make your life easier. From time studies, ROIs, working with riggers, tooling selection, and start-up support. Therefore, we have heavily invested in our Dallas Technology Center, Applications Engineers, and Project Managers to assist with these key steps.

“At Sterling, we don’t want to be the biggest company of our kind, we just want to be the best company of our kind. We strive to get better every day, and we feel that our technologies offered, technical know-how, and support are unique ”

-Clay Kehrer, President