laser assist gas generation

Traditionally, the assist gas used in laser cutting has been delivered from compressed gas cylinders. Producing your own nitrogen eliminates the need for gas cylinder storage and transportation, reducing the cost and hassle associated with handling and storing high-pressure gas cylinders. The generator produces the assist gas on-site and on-demand, ensuring a constant and reliable supply of gas for the cutting process.

Additionally, the purity of the assist gas produced by the generator is consistently high, ensuring a clean and precise cut with minimal oxidation and heat distortion. This can result in faster cutting speeds, higher quality cuts, and less material waste.


  • 99.99% purity levels
  • Purity monitoring system
  • 1-2 year R.O.I.s
  • High pressure boosters for shop air cutting
  • Cut burr free on thick aluminum

Reasons to Invest

  • Assist gas is a non-value-added cost
  • Fiber lasers cut faster with Nitrogen increasing usage 3-4 times
  • Nitrogen suppliers are increasing gas prices without telling customers
  • Cutting quality can change based on gas mixture