plasma and machining tables

Combining plasma/oxy fuel cutting with machining operations on one table has evolved from a specialty machine to an industry staple for structural fabricators, steel service centers, job shops, and O.E.Ms.

The productivity/cost compared to an individual table and machining center is 80 – 90% less. This makes a combination machine one the most profitable machines available.

Let us run a time study for you and see for yourself.

Machining capability includes: Drilling, Chamfering, Countersinking, Counter boring, Surface Milling, Edge Milling, Pocket Milling, Tapping, Engraving, Part Marking, etc…


  • Hypertherm HPR and XPR power sources pierce and cut up to 2” thick
  • CNC controlled beveling with range up to 70 degrees
  • Oxy Fuel Torches cut up to 18” thick
  • Automatic Tool Changers
  • CAT 40 & 50 Tool Holder options
  • High pressure through spindle coolant – 1,000 psi
  • Cutting Tables featuring Patented chip extraction systems

Reasons to Invest

  • Improved speeds & quality with Hypertherm’s power sources
  • Have a complete part finished on one table with no secondary operations 
  • Drilling is cheaper than plasma cutting holes
  • No heat affected zone with drilled hole
  • Improve part profitability