Pressure Vessel Manufacturing requires unique plate rolling needs with short flat ends, the ability to process a wide range of material thickness, and tight roundness tolerances.

Faccin group, consisting of Faccin/Roundo/Boldrini offer the widest range of plate rolling machines from thin gauge material to the thickest plate. These include 3 roll, 4 roll, automated cells…

They manufacture machines completely in-house combining high quality manufacturing and advanced machine technologies.


  • Thickness Range: Up to 18”
  • Roller Bending Width: Up to 20’
  • 3 Roll Variable Axis Machines
  • 4 Roll Pinch machines
  • Automated in-feed tables, Weld Seam Alignment, Overhead Supports

Reasons to Invest

  • Mechanical machines are aging, and replacement parts are getting harder to find
  • Advanced CNC options help reduce operator skill level
  • New machine designs are safer and faster than conventional rolls
  • Increased capacity & Shorter flat ends