Voortman Steel Machinery has been designing and developing CNC-controlled machines for the steel fabrication industry for 50 years. They offer complete line of beam processing equipment including sawing, drilling, coping, shot blasting, and painting equipment. Voortman excels at multi-machine integration for automated production of structural steel.

Beamcut is a flexible, robotic plasma cutting system featuring Hypertherms plasma power source with a unique 6 axis Fanuc robot. It offers fabricators the ability to process a wide range of structural steel profiles and pipe in compact, economical package.


  • Complete automation of beam lines with multisystem integration
  • High speed drilling with carbide tooling
  • Precise servo driven sawing machines
  • Cutting and Marking of all 4 sides of profiles
  • Plasma and Oxy fuel copping capabilities
  • Direct DSTV importing

Reasons to Invest

  • Eliminate labor intensive manual processes
  • Multi-Machine integration to increase throughput
  • Reduce time from detailing to finished parts