SFT offers industrial robotic welding options from AGT Robotics and PEMA.

Advancements in precision-welding technologies have revolutionized the way manufacturers optimize their production. Automation helps manufacturers increase productivity, reduce the cost of labor, and improve ROI. This is even more true as the need for skilled labor continues to decline

Simply send a pre-fit beam to AGT Robotics, Beamaster and watch it robotically complete the required welds in a fraction of the time it would take a manual welder.

PEMA Welding focuses on customized solutions for multiple heavy fabrication industries.


  • Robotics from FANUC
  • Quality welded assemblies at 3-4 x the speed of manual operations
  • Minimal distortion and grinding
  • Offline programming software
  • Several rotary and tilting table options

Reasons to Invest

  • Reduce part cost
  • Solves the labor shortage problem
  • Minimal part distortion
  • Automated process controls the quality
  • Higher productivity than conventional welding
  • No grinding or clean up required