press brakes

SFT offers TRUMPF precision press brakes. TRUMPF changed the game with the introduction of their V-series machines in the early 90’s. It was the first machine to feature the New Standard of quick-change precision press brake tooling, which has now become the industry benchmark for tooling setup efficiency. This combined with many industry first features like 6-axis back gauges, bottom die shifting, automatic angle measurement, etc… has historically proven TRUMPF to be the leader of bending innovation.

Controlling the variables of the bending process has been achieved through continuous technological innovations. This has enabled fabricators to achieve higher levels of productivity while eliminating the operator dependency.


  • Electric and Servo Hydraulic Drive options
  • Tonnage range: 36 – 2,000 tons
  • Up to 6-axis back gauge and part manipulators
  • Quick Setup Tooling Solutions
  • Automatic Tool Changers
  • Automatic Angle Measurement
  • Automatic Thickness Measurement
  • Robotic Options

Reasons to Invest

  • Machine features eliminate operator dependency
  • Market has shifted to short run jobs which demands quick set up
  • Innovative features reduce scrap
  • Offline programming takes seconds