SFT offers several manufacturers of coil processing systems for your needs. This includes Cut to Length Lines, Coil Fed Punching, and Coil Fed Laser Cutting Lines,

Many manufacturers are looking to reduce material costs, have the flexibility of custom blanks sizes, and control their own inventory/production schedules. This can be accomplished through an in-house cut to length line. In-house CTL capability gives you flexibility to run blanks in the sizes you need when you need them. Most CTL lines are capable of processing enough blanks for several lasers/punches making the R.O.I. quick.

For the right application, coil fed punching machines can be very productive and efficient. Manufacturers using light gauge material with symmetric geometry can benefit from a twin head punching stations.

Coil fed laser lines are evolving due to the material cost savings of using coil and the desire to have a flexible tool like the laser vs. hard tooling in a punching machine or servo press.


  • Custom system design in widths up to 78”
  • Thickness Range: .010” – .725”
  • Coil Weights: up to 60,000 lbs
  • Speeds: 70 – 250 FPM
  • Direct connection to material storage towers for blanks
  • Stacking and Automation Solutions for finished parts

Reasons to Invest

  • Material cost savings of up to 30%
  • Eliminate Transportation Fees for raw material
  • Lean your inventory to Just in Time Blanks
  • Improve material quality with precision straighteners