plasma and oxy-FUEL cutting tables

SFT offers a variety of plasma cutting tables to suit your needs from small 5’ x 10’ unitized tables to heavy duty gantry machine up to 20’ x 200’ long. These tables offer Hypertherm’s industry leading power supply units. Additionally, any combination of Oxy-Fuel torches, beveling cutting heads, and marking units can be added.


  • Hypertherm HPR and XPR power sources pierce and cut up to 2” thick
  • New XPR water cooled consumables significantly increases consumable life
  • CNC controlled beveling with range up to 70 degrees
  • Oxy Fuel Torches cut up to 18” thick
  • Bevel and Triple Bevel Oxy Fuel Torches 
  • Pipe and Tube Cutting Options
  • Layout marking and percussion marking

Reasons to Invest

  • Improved speeds & quality with Hypertherm’s TruHole and XPR units
  • Improved consumable life
  • Eliminate weld prep grinding with bevel head
  • Capability to add Layout and Part Marking