Material quality has continued to decrease over the years. Often parts are bowed or warped after laser/plasma cutting or punching.

SFT represents ARKU whom provide a complete range of high performance levelers: from precision levelers for metal parts, sheets, and plates to high performance coil straighteners capable of processing high strength steel materials.

The EcoMaster series of precision levelers ensures that even the smallest metal parts and sheets are perfectly flat. Thicker parts require the more powerful FlatMaster. In contrast, our PlateMaster is the perfect machine for sheet metal parts and plates with a large surface area.

The FlatJack enables you to rapidly and precisely measure and check the flatness of parts on the leveler itself with a precision in the tenth of a millimeter range.


  • Thickness Range: .005” – 2.5”
  • Part Width up to: 118”

Reasons to Invest

  • Eliminate uneven deformation
  • Eliminate residual stress
  • Significantly faster and more economical than alternative flattening processes
  • Improve welding processes
  • Reduces rework and rejects