Business Growth Through Technology

Established in 1965, MicroMetl has grown to become the largest independent manufacturer of accessories for commercial heating and cooling equipment. With a rich history spanning several decades, MicroMetl has established itself as a trusted provider in the industry, offering innovative solutions and top-quality products to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Their extensive product line includes items such as economizers, curbs, roof curbs, and vibration isolation products, among others. MicroMetl’s commitment to excellence, combined with their expertise and industry-leading manufacturing capabilities, has solidified their position as a leader in the market.

As part of their commitment to excellence, MicroMetl uses cutting, bending, and automation machine tools from TRUMPF and South-Tek.

TRUMPF Trumatic 6000 Laser/Punch Combination Machine

TRUMPF TruMatic 6000

Dual Punching and Laser Cutting Capabilities: The TruMatic 6000 combines the power of punching and laser cutting in a single machine, providing versatility and flexibility in sheet metal processing. This dual functionality allows for a wide range of applications, from hole punching and forming to intricate contour cutting and high-precision laser cutting.

High Precision and Accuracy: The TruMatic 6000 incorporates advanced laser cutting technology, delivering exceptional precision and accuracy in cutting complex geometries and fine details. The machine is equipped with high-quality optics and cutting heads, ensuring clean edges, minimal material distortion, and superior part quality.

Efficient Sheet Metal Processing: With its high-speed punching capabilities, the TruMatic 6000 enables rapid production of punched features such as holes, threads, and forms. The combination of punching and laser cutting in a single machine streamlines the production process, eliminating the need for multiple setups and reducing production time.

Automated Tool Changing: The TruMatic 6000 features an automated tool changing system, allowing for quick and seamless transitions between different tools and operations. This automated process minimizes downtime and increases productivity, as the machine can automatically select the required tooling without manual intervention.

Integrated Material Handling: The TruMatic 6000 is designed with integrated material handling capabilities, enabling efficient loading and unloading of sheets. The machine can automatically handle large sheet sizes, reducing manual labor and optimizing workflow.

Intelligent Control System: The TruMatic 6000 is equipped with an advanced control system that provides intuitive and user-friendly operation. The system offers comprehensive programming and nesting functionalities, optimizing material utilization and minimizing waste.

Energy Efficiency: TRUMPF emphasizes energy efficiency in their machine designs, and the TruMatic 6000 is no exception. The machine incorporates energy-saving features, such as efficient laser resonators and intelligent power management systems, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower operational costs.

TRUMPF TruMatic Laser/Punch Combo Machine with TruStore Automated Storage Solution


The TRUMPF TruStore Automation is a state-of-the-art storage system that enables efficient material handling and storage management. It features automated loading and unloading capabilities, allowing for seamless integration with the TruMatic 6000 machine. The TruMatic 6000, with its advanced punching and laser cutting capabilities, offers high precision and productivity for sheet metal processing. The combination of the TRUMPF TruStore Automation and the TruMatic 6000 provides MicroMetl with enhanced operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased throughput. This integrated solution allows MicroMetl to optimize their manufacturing processes, ensuring accurate and rapid production while maintaining the highest quality standards.By leveraging these features, the TruMatic 6000 offers numerous benefits to manufacturers like MicroMetl, including enhanced productivity, reduced setup time, improved part quality, increased design flexibility, and overall cost savings. It empowers companies to meet the demands of complex sheet metal processing while maintaining high efficiency and precision.

South-Tek Nitrogen Assist Gas Generation System

South-Tek Nitrogen Generator

In addition to their investment in the TRUMPF TruStore Automation and TruMatic 6000, MicroMetl utilizes a nitrogen generator from Southtek to produce on-demand nitrogen for their TruLaser 3030 fiber and TruMatic 6000 machines. The Southtek nitrogen generator is a reliable and cost-effective solution that enables MicroMetl to generate high-purity nitrogen gas on-site, eliminating the need for external nitrogen supply. By utilizing the nitrogen generator, MicroMetl has achieved greater control over their nitrogen supply, reducing operational costs and ensuring a continuous and reliable nitrogen source for their laser cutting and punching operations. This enables precise cutting and increased productivity while maintaining the integrity of the materials being processed. The integration of the Southtek nitrogen generator with MicroMetl’s TruLaser 3030 fiber and TruMatic 6000 machines has significantly enhanced their manufacturing capabilities, allowing them to meet the demands of their customers efficiently and effectively.