A Collaborative Partnership

National Signal Inc. is a manufacturer of portable solar construction equipment, traffic safety products, and LED signs with primary specializations in solar-powered LED light towers, message signs, and arrowboards for the construction, traffic, mining, security, and outdoor event industries since 2006 in Fullerton, California.

With a commitment to expanding their operations, National Signal Inc. has established two facilities encompassing over 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space. These facilities serve as the manufacturing hubs for their diverse product range, allowing them to meet the demands of their clients effectively.

National Signal Inc. partnered with the Sterling Fab Tech Applications team to receive invaluable support in machine installation, process optimization, and operator training. Jose Botello, an SFT Applications Engineer, played a crucial role in facilitating National Signal’s adoption of advanced TRUMPF technologies.

Jose Botello, Applications Engineer for Sterling Fabrication Technologies

Throughout the collaboration, Jose Botello’s expertise and guidance proved instrumental in helping National Signal Inc. successfully integrate and leverage the capabilities of TRUMPF machines. His extensive knowledge and experience ensured a smooth installation process, optimized manufacturing processes, and comprehensive training for operators. “Jose, he was vital”, according to Guillermo Patino, Director of Operations for National Signal.  “He was like one of our own… He started helping us with questions, tips…to guide us… Especially the programming, the programming was very new to us…  Taking us from scratch to where we are now; they were a vital part of that.”

Thanks to the assistance provided by Jose Botello and the Sterling Fab Tech Applications team, National Signal Inc. was able to fully harness the benefits of TRUMPF technologies. Their collaboration led to enhanced efficiency, improved production quality, and a strengthened foundation for National Signal’s growth and success in the industry.

TruMatic 1000 with Sheet Master Compact

The Trumpf TruMatic 1000, equipped with the SheetMaster Compact, offers a comprehensive set of features and benefits which lead to the purchase and adoption by National Signal. It excels in forming, notching, and tapping operations, achieving an impressive rate of 600 strokes per minute. The machine’s efficiency is further enhanced by its automated sheet loading and skeleton unloading capabilities, thanks to the SheetMaster Compact system. The inclusion of a linear tool rail ensures smooth and precise movement, allowing for accurate and consistent results. Additionally, the TruMatic 1000 boasts an impressive 3-ton loading capacity, enabling it to handle heavy-duty materials with ease. Together, these features and benefits make the TruMatic 1000 an ideal choice for high-speed, automated sheet metal processing with superior precision and productivity.