TruTool C 250 (2B1) USA

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The most powerful slitting shears. You can use the chip clipper with just one hand to cut chips at any location. Ideal for interior cutouts and notches.


Unbeatable and powerful
The TruTool C 250 provides unmatchable performance. It cuts sheet thicknesses of 0.1 in. in mild steel and 0.06 in. in stainless steel. It offers a unique added benefit in the form of the integrated chip clipper, which can be operated with one hand. This enables you to cut chips with one hand at any time and pull the machine out of the workpiece. The easily visible marks on the cutting head mean that you can re-position the machine accurately at any time. The TruTool C 250 offers an impressive top cutting speed of up to 10 feet per minute.



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