TruTool F 301 (2A1) USA

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Product Description

Simple closing of ducts in thin sheet range
With the TruTool F 301, you can close Pittsburgh seams effortlessly on straight or curved ducts with sheet thicknesses of 0.18 in. – 0.04 in. for mild steel. There is no need for refitting when processing formed or folded pieces. The adjustment to the sheet thickness is automatic and the forward feed guarantees a consistent and tight seam.


Easy to use
With the TruTool F 301 you can close formed or folded pieces without refitting the machine.

Flange height and sheet thickness
Suitable for flange heights of 8 mm – 11 mm and for sheet thicknesses of 0.45 – 1 mm.

Excellent process reliability
Automatic adjustment to the sheet thickness gives you consistent seam results.

Area of application
With the TruTool F 301, you can close seams on straight and curved ducts.



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