TruTool N 700 (2A1) USA

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Perfect for dismantling work
The extraordinarily compact TruTool N 700 weighing just 7.7 kg provides the highest level of ergonomics and freedom of movement. It is equipped with a powerful 1700-watt drive with high traction. TruTool N 700 cuts flat and doubled sheets as well as bends up to 90° making it the perfect machine for disassembly work. The universal lean handle is suitable for the most diverse operating situations and cutting tasks under restricted space conditions.


Easy to set
The machine can be rotated by 360° in 4 x 90° increments without any obstructions.

Rectangular punch with flexibility for profiles
Ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas, for cuts across edges and weld seams.

Minimal force required
You work without feed force so the required force is reduced to a minimum.

Surprisingly lightweight
Unbeatable weight and power ratio of 7.7 kg versus cutting sheet thicknesses of 7 mm.

Impressive handle
Space-saving operation thanks to the narrow form and positioning of the handle.

Consistently fast
No drop in performance thanks to consistent speed under load.



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Weight 10.447 kg

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