TruTool TSC 100

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Product Description

Your specialist for cleaning laser slats
With the TruTool TSC 100, you can clean your slats quickly and effortlessly to ensure reliable and high-quality production of laser-cut components. The slats do not need to be removed for cleaning. This is practical and saves you time. It takes approximately 30 minutes to clean an entire standard-sized pallet of 60 x 120 in.


Cost Reduction up to 75%
The TruTool TSC 100 revolutionizes slat cleaning by allowing multiple cleaning cycles before slat replacement becomes necessary. With this outstanding efficiency, you can significantly reduce costs, saving up to 75% on slat replacements.

Simultaneous Cleaning and Production Equipped
The TruTool TSC 100 enables simultaneous slat cleaning and production on laser-cutting machines featuring pallet changers. This means you can keep your production running smoothly without interrupting the cutting process.

Unparalleled Cleaning Results
The TruTool TSC 100 boasts exceptional slag removal capabilities, even for slats subjected to high loads. It’s cutting-edge design and powerful performance ensure thorough and meticulous cleaning, guaranteeing optimum slat condition for continued precision cutting.

Effortless One-Man Operation
Featuring a long machine handle, the TruTool TSC 100 allows for effortless slat cleaning by a single operator. You can efficiently maneuver the device and clean the slats with ease, enhancing productivity and streamlining your operations.



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