An Exclusive Partnership

For 60 years, independently owned Triple-S Steel has been supplying the steel products industry with an emphasis on the construction industry as a value-added steel service company.  With roots in Houston, Texas, and 42 U.S. locations from California to Tennessee, and international offices in Canada, Chile, Columbia, Spain, and Dubai, Triple-S sells over 500,000 tons annually. As a prolifically expanding company, they also have a heavy-industrial real estate division, an MRO division, and even maintain interests in one of the largest U.S.-based crane manufacturers.

In 2019, Triple-S Steel engaged Sterling Fab Tech’s Regional Sales Manager Jordan Russell to help them replace aging structural beam saws which were not meeting the needs of their growing business. Triple-S wanted to increase throughput, decrease labor costs, and improve safety. Jordan knew the new Voortman VB1050 was the perfect solution.

Voortman VB 1050 Beam Saw

Voortman VB1050 Beam Saw

Automated staging, infeed, full stop measuring, and off-feeding have increased throughput by up to 4 times, allowing Triple-S to lower labor costs. In particular, the full-stop measuring system has allowed Triple-S to remove an entire operator from their sawing process.

The VB1050 also boasts the most effective cutting-speed control system on the market. Pressure transducers located on electric servo drives precisely and accurately measure and control the speed of the cut allowing for superior cuts speeds when compared to competitors’ hydraulic-driven systems.

In addition to increasing throughput and lowering labor costs, Triple-S’s Houston facility tripled throughput over competitor saws. Be sure to have a look at our selection of industrial saws.

Kinetic 5000XMC

Kinetic 5000XMC Combination Plasma Cutting, Milling & Drilling System

Triple-S chose the Kinetic 5000XMC plasma-cutting, drilling, and milling machine to add new business revenue streams to their large portfolio. “Flexibility, capability, and reliability” made this machine the right investment according to Brad Headley of Triple-S. The 5000XMC combines plasma cutting, drilling, and milling into a single unitized machine tool.

The flexibility of having a table size up to 18′ wide and 200′ long for cutting plate or pipe. The capability to drill, mill, counter bore, chamfer, thread, and cut on a single machine is indispensable in today’s competitive market.

The power, stiffness, and low runout of the Cat 50 drill spindle allows for fast, precise, and accurate drilling up to 4″ diameter and milling while the plasma torch can cut through up to 8 inches of steel! Check out our selection of unitized plasma cutting and machining machine tools here.


Sterling Fab Tech is now Triple-S Steel’s exclusive partner for structural steel machine tools. “Sterling has been invaluable to us… Jordan has been a big part of that.”  said Bradley Head of Triple-S Steel, “he makes my job easier”. In addition to SFT’s commitment to Triple-S Steel, SFT-represented brands Voortman and Kinetic Cutting Systems are now Triple-S’s exclusive suppliers.